The Nigeria programme of ECID will contribute to reducing poverty and improving the wellbeing of over 200,000 adolescents, poor rural women and people living with disabilities in Kaduna and Anambra States.

We will be supporting civil society and marginalised groups to collect and use data for engagement with government and participation in policy and decision-making in order to effectively address the critical needs of marginalised groups as evidenced by data.

Priority areas of intervention are health, education, agriculture and infrastructure.

The project’s outcomes are:

  • Improved access to services by the key target groups in Nigeria
  • Increased participation in decision making processes for key target groups in Nigeria
  • Improved effectiveness of civil society and other actors at all levels in addressing the priorities of key target groups in Nigeria
  • More accountable and responsive power holders (duty bearers) to the priorities of key target groups in Nigeria

Implementing partners

To develop and deliver project activities we partner with a range of local organisations.


In Kaduna, the partners are AID Foundation at the state level, working collaboratively with Legal Awareness for Nigeria Women (LANW) and Hope for Communities and Children’s Initiative (H4CC).


In Anambra our partner organisations are Civil Rights Concern (CRC) at the State level, Hope Givers Initiative (HOG-I) and Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) Onitsha at the local level

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