Nigeria Literature Review

This literature review (37 pages) explores the improvement of access to basic service delivery for the most marginalised groups in Anambra and Kaduna States, Nigeria

In this literature review, you will learn about:

  • The conceptual, empirical and policy literatures about the subject
  • Does “democratic governance” mean the same as “good governance”?
  • Where does the concept of accountability come from?
  • What are the demand and supply sides of accountability in governance?
  • What are the dimensions of marginalisation?
  • What is the data gap?
  • What innovative methods exist for more reliable and accessible data?
  • The latest policies in Nigeria regarding basic public services and the implications for marginalised groups.

The review has been written by IDS Nigeria, reviewed by Prof Jimoh Amzat and Dr Kas Sempere, and edited by Dr Kas Sempere.