Our True Voice are the eyes and ears of the communities that drive the ECID programme.

They are our network of community reporters sharing first-hand accounts of the challenges and solutions of social exclusion.


  1. COVID-19 disrupts NGO programs in several communities as the vulnerable suffer the brunt

    Loveness Munsima is a 21-year-old woman from the Binga district. She has a disabled 4-year-old daughter whose father is far away in Bulawayo and is jobless. Munsima is not employed. She has no source of income. Opportunities are scarce. Her daughter requires special attention and it pains her that she is not able to provide…

    Elliot Mugande

    Photo of Loveness with her Child seated in a wheelchair in front of her
  2. COVID-19 lockdown leads to spike in domestic violence cases in Zimbabwe

    Advocacy groups say one in three women in Zimbabwe is a victim of domestic violence. The COVID-19 lockdown has seen a spike in cases of domestic violence across the country with experts saying the mental strain caused by job losses, lockdown restrictions are fuelling domestic tensions leading to unprecedented levels of abuse behind the locked…

    Endy Ziyera

    Portrait of Endy Ziyera, a Community Reporter in Zimbabwe
  3. Illegal urban farming in an era of COVID-19, Sakubva residents in Zimbabwe cry for mercy

    The slashing of maize crops ready for harvest in countless little fields dotted around the city of Mutare by city council employees is now a perennial event that not only draws tears from the affected citizens but also questions the council’s desire to assist the less privileged in the community, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.…

    Prudence Sauriri

    City Council workers destroy maize farm at Sakubva Ward 1
  4. Communities’ resistance to COVID-19 Vaccination

    Tinde Ward 18 in Binga is an example of one of the communities in the country that are resisting being vaccinated for COVID-19 with the reasons for many community members driven by misinformation, lack of information, distrust, and a general disdain for western medicines. Compared to its neighbours, Zimbabwe has had an organised COVID-19 vaccination…

    Winani Ngwenya

    Portrait of Winani Ngwenya, a Community Reporter in Zimbabwe
  5. Small businesses in Zimbabwe hit hard by COVID-19 lockdown

    The COVID-19 lockdown has gravely affected a majority of Zimbabweans both in the rural and urban areas because the country’s economy is largely informal – and entrepreneurs have to travel to neighbouring Mozambique, South Africa, and Botswana to buy their wares. The lockdown has made it hard for people to work or find food. The…

    Bernard Madzivire

    Juliet Moyo is a single mother and petty-trade in Zimbabwe
  6. Covid-19 lockdown increases theft in parts of Mutasa, Zimbabwe, due to unemployment

    Despite the importance of COVID-19 measures such as lockdowns in the control and the spread of the virus, lockdowns have negatively influenced theft, especially among daily income earners. ECID Community Reporter, Kudzwai Terera, based in Mutasa District, Zimbabwe, tells the story of how COVID-19 lockdown measures have emboldened burglars in some parts of Zimbabwe. Mutasa…

    Kudzwai Terera

    Portrait of Kudzwai Terera, ECID Community Reporter in Zimbabwe
  7. COVID-19 lockdown worsens the plight of commercial sex workers in Zimbabwe

    COVID-19 measures such as lockdowns, instituted governments in sub-Saharan Africa have been helpful in controlling the spread of the virus. This has, however, triggered some negative economic impacts on women. ECID Community Reporter, Faris Davison, based in Dangamvura, Mutare in Zimbabwe tells the story of how COVID-19 lockdown measures has worsened the economic plight of…

    Faris Davidson

    Potrait of Faris Davison, ECID Reporter in Zimbabwe
  8. Surviving the effect of a natural disaster – Cyclone Chalene, in the midst of COVID-19

    In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, Zimbabweans were hit by another crisis – cyclone  Chalene. Our reporter, Mildred Muzanchita, gives a personal insight into the effects of the cyclone on the elderly, women, and children. When the coronavirus first hit Zimbabwe, the authorities and citizens alike were gripped with panic. With little or no…

    Mildred Muzanechita

    Portrait of Mildred Muzanechita, ECID Community Reporter based in Mutare, Zimbabwe
  9. Villages in Siachilaba faced severe poverty during the early COVID-19 lockdown

    The advent of COVID-19 has prompted several measures by many governments across the globe to mitigate the spread of the virus. Bridget Mukuli, a female ECID Community Reporter, based in Siachilaba, Zimbabwe, shares some of the negative impacts of the early COVID-19 control measures on the economic well-being of women in Siachilaba, and calls for…

    Bridget Mukuli

    Basket weavers in Siachilaba busy at work. Insert - sample of finished products weaved by the women
  10. The death of a husband leaves his family desperate in the midst of COVID-19

    From Binga, Zimbabwe, Eliot Mugande, is a Community Reporter for the ECID Programme in Zimbabwe. He presents a chilling account of how COVID-19 has turned an otherwise happy home into one of sorrow due to the pandemic.  Anna Siamwinga is a mother of 4 children. She lost her husband to COVID-19 last year in Bulawayo.…

    Elliot Mugande

    Portrait of Elliot Mugande, Community Reporter based in Binga, Zimbabwe