Our True Voice are the eyes and ears of the communities that drive the ECID programme.

They are our network of community reporters sharing first-hand accounts of the challenges and solutions of social exclusion.


Kudzwai Terera


Reporting topics:
Covis-19, violence, unemployment


  1. Covid-19 lockdown increases theft in parts of Mutasa, Zimbabwe, due to unemployment

    Despite the importance of COVID-19 measures such as lockdowns in the control and the spread of the virus, lockdowns have negatively influenced theft, especially among daily income earners. ECID Community Reporter, Kudzwai Terera, based in Mutasa District, Zimbabwe, tells the story of how COVID-19 lockdown measures have emboldened burglars in some parts of Zimbabwe. Mutasa…

    Kudzwai Terera

    Portrait of Kudzwai Terera, ECID Community Reporter in Zimbabwe