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They are our network of community reporters sharing first-hand accounts of the challenges and solutions of social exclusion.


Prudence Sauriri


Reporting topics:
Agriculture, livelihoods, water


  1. Endemic within a pandemic: fears of diarrhoea in Mutare amid COVID-19

    The never-ending problem of poor sanitation and overcrowding in most of Mutare’s districts threatens an outbreak of cholera and diarrhea. Residents fear possible cholera/diarrhea outbreak will lead to an endemic within a pandemic and they want the authorities to act fast. This comes at a time when the city and the country at large are…

    Prudence Sauriri

    Image of poor drainage due to burst pipe at ward 1 Sakubva, Mutare, Zimbabwe
  2. Illegal urban farming in an era of COVID-19, Sakubva residents in Zimbabwe cry for mercy

    The slashing of maize crops ready for harvest in countless little fields dotted around the city of Mutare by city council employees is now a perennial event that not only draws tears from the affected citizens but also questions the council’s desire to assist the less privileged in the community, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.…

    Prudence Sauriri

    City Council workers destroy maize farm at Sakubva Ward 1
  3. Residents of Mutare cry foul play over hike in water tariff

    Among the key protocols reported to be effective in the control of the spread of COVID-19 is frequent washing of hands with soap and under running water. Access to water among residents in Mutare, Zimbabwe, has been difficult in the midst of the pandemic. Prudence Sauriri, a female resident of the Mutare District in Zimbabwe,…

    Prudence Sauriri

    Community borehole which serves Ward 9, Areas 13 and 14 in Dangamvura, Mutare