“Clean water will liberate women and reduce social inequalities” says community reporter Faris Davison

Faris Davison from Dangamvura is a community reporter for ECID who has reported on water access for women and the dangers they face.

She reported “there is virtually no water provided by the local authority, going on to explain that “residents depend on unprotected shallow wells for water.” Describing the dangers of this, Faris explained “At the water points, women and girls are abused and some are even molested. Some unscrupulous men claim that the shallow wells belong to them, so women are forced to pay in cash or in kind. Physical fights are the order of the day where women suffer various forms of indignity.”

Following commitments from Mutare City to improve water infrastructure, Faris said. “We really appreciate this initiative by the local authority and the partners for their effort to bringing clean and potable water to residents which will liberate women and reduce social inequalities”

Hear her report in full below.