Case study—Myanmar

Creating safe spaces for marginalised groups

Amidst the challenges of COVID-19, awareness sessions have been given monthly to people living with HIV (PLHIV) and people who use drugs throughout Wingmaw Township. The training is carried out by by Shwe Lin Yone (Golden Eagle), a local partner of Alliance Myanmar, an in country partner of ECID in Myanmar.

During the session participants could learn about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, links between human rights and health, and challenges of human rights issues in people living with HIV.

Monthly awareness session giving to people who use drugs by local community based organisation, Shwe Lin Yone (Golden Eagle) at Waingmaw Township, Kachin State, Myanmar.

The sessions become a safe space for people who use drugs to seeks out help and be a place to speak about their challenges. They can also talk about their tragic experiences on violence and discrimination. The sessions also aim to attract new drug users so they can be more aware of safe practices if they are taking drugs.

The monthly awareness sessions had to be postponed following the military coup of February 2021. The crisis in the country severely affects marginalized people like people who use drugs and people with HIV who will not be supported with projects such as these that could be lifesaving. The ECID team and partners in Myanmar hope to continue these sessions when it is safe to do so.