Highlighting inclusion in time of election

In November the ECID team and local partners in Myanmar launched the “Inclusion in the time of Election – Let’s Vote Together” campaign to raise awareness on importance of inclusion in the election.

The campaign featured short documentaries which highlighted the voices of marginalised communities who shared their challenges and expectations. The purpose is to build more awareness of the issues facing marginalized community including internally displaced people (IDPs), people with disabilities, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT), drug users, people with HIV/AIDS and female sex workers on the 2020 Myanmar election.

Three short documentaries were produced, two from the members of key marginalised communities and one from ECID partners and staff expressing their opinions for designated questions. ECID’s local partners were actively involved in all production stage from pre-production to screening the documentaries.

To date, the videos have been reached over 2500 people.

Click below to watch the videos:

Kachinland Research Center Part 1 and Part 2

Myanmar Physically Handicapped Association