Myanmar Literature Review

This literature review (19 pages) explores the access to basic public services for people with disabilities in Kachin and Kayin states, Myanmar.

In this literature review, you will learn about:

  • The relevance of the philosophical definitions of the “state” and of “human rights” for the current political situation in Myanmar
  • The two main perspectives studying the nature of the Myanmar State
  • An understanding of disability from a human rights perspective
  • The latest empirical studies undertaken about Myanmar on the topic
  • The gaps found in the literature, such as the lack of detailed studies on disability in ethnic states and conflict-affected areas; and the need to disaggregate findings according to age and gender.

A key conclusion of the review is that simply strengthening Myanmar state public services will not overcome barriers to access for people with disabilities. This is because many citizens in the country access services from non-state actors, given a context where the central state and the peripheries have been in conflict for decades.

The review has been written by Mr Dan Seng Lawn, Research Lead at the Kachinland Research Centre. It has been reviewed by Dr Patrick Meehan and Dr Kas Sempere and edited by Dr Kas Sempere.