New Civil Society Collaborative using data to understand impact of COVID-19

The Civil Society Collaborative on Inclusive COVID-19 Data will work alongside marginalized communities and activists to understand the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and collectively advocate for an inclusive recovery. 

Over 20 civil society organizations have come together to launch the collaborative and develop a data-driven report and advocacy campaign, launching in July this year at the United Nations High Level Political Forum.

The objectives of the collaborative are to: 

  1. Increase global leaders’ understanding of the situation of marginalized people in light of COVID-19 and motivate more inclusive action
  2. Elevate the needs and voices of marginalized people in national and global dialogue 
  3. Strengthen recognition of the value of data generated by civil society by global and national leaders and increase willingness to collaborate around gathering, sharing and using data on the situation of marginalized groups

How ECID will contribute

The ECID programme is proud to be part of this Collaborative by providing data and insights gained from our work in Myanmar, Nigeria Zimbabwe.  This will provide an opportunity to highlight disparities linked to Covid-19 documented by the ECID partners at international level, including the High-Level Political Forum on the SDGs in 2021, and subsequently at the World Data Forum, and to use these platforms to advocate for appropriate responses.    

At the same time, the Collaborative enables us to learn from other initiatives promoting inclusive data, and will hopefully support and strengthen cross-fertilisation of ideas within the ECID and wider movements for inclusive data.

The collaborative is an open platform for civil society, communities, and activists. If you would like to learn more about engaging, please contact Kate Richards, Inclusive Data Charter Outreach Manager at the Global Partnership for Sustainable Data.