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Access to clean water remains a challenge for residents of Gimboki

Enddy Ziyera


Reporting topics:
Health, Covid-19, water, gender based violence, women, children, people with disabilities

Access to clean water remains a pipedream for many residents of Dangamvura especially those residing in Gimboki. Women and children spend hours in long queues, at the two communal water points, to fill up a few containers. Altercations, shouting, and cursing is a daily ritual as people jostle for a chance to fill up their containers. At these water points, social distancing, wearing of face masks and other Covid-19 safety protocols are not observed.

Residents, mostly women in Gimboki queue for water
Residents, mostly women, in Gimboki queue for water

Many women do their laundry by the nearby rocks to take advantage of the water point. These increase the chance for the virus to spread. Some water vendors people charge as high as $US3 to fill up a 200 litre container. But, this is very expensive compared to the less than Z$90 for 1000 litres of water charged by the local authority.

This has increased the levels of poverty and inequalities among residents, especially women whose social status continues to dwindle. It is time that local authorities and developers found a lasting solution to the water problem.

There is also the need to continue educating residents to be wary of the pandemic and to follow all basic national safety regulations. Residents must be reminded that Dangamvura and Chikanga have the highest Covid-19 cases.