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Residents demand accountability as Mutare City council responds to the demand for water supply in Dangamvura

Tendai Nyamadzi


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Mutare City council is making an effort to make sure Dangamvura gets enough water supply. The largest high density suburb in Mutare has gone without water for more than 15 years.

Construction of Dangamvura water project
Dangamvura water project under construction

Now, a water project is underway to help address this problem. But, residents are cautiously optimistic about prospects of the ongoing project. This is not the first time a project like this is being implemented, they say. A similar one was first undertaken in 2005, but it failed due to allegations of corruption. However, nothing was done to hold those responsible for the alleged mismanagement of funds.

Now, another loan is being taken to fund this same Dangamvura water project without citizens being informed about the details of the contract. From my point of view, the Mutare City council is doing a great job but they lack transparency and accountability in issues of service delivery. My recommendation is this. The local authority must consider efficiency as one of their core values.